SL project updates week 38/2: server, CDN, AR category changes

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Server Deployments Week 38 – Recap

As always, please refer to the server deployment thread for the latest updates.

  • On Tuesday September 16th, the Main (SLS) channel received the server maintenance package previously deployed to the three RC channels, which includes crash fixes and a fix for a bug that prevented some people from leaving Skill Gaming regions – notably Linden staff who entered a region using their admin powers …
  • On Wednesday September 17th, the three RC channels each received a new server maintenance package, which includes some bug fixes, and tweaks some behaviours related to experience tools.

CDN News

CDN support has been deployed to a small number of regions on the main grid. Maestro Linden indicated these were four Linden-owned regions. These are Hippotropolis, Hippo Hollow and Denby (where the Simulator User Group meetings are held), and the Testylvania sandbox (which isn’t open to public access).

Further regions will be updated to use the CDN service going forward, and the Lab had created an e-mail address region owners can apply to have their region(s) added to the test channel for the CDN: Note that regions should be those with a relatively high texture / mesh count, and space is “very limited” at this time (the total for the initial testing appears to be set at around 30 regions).

In addition, the map tile fetching for the main grid is now entirely carried out via the CDN, so map tiles should load a lot faster for people now.

World Map tiles are now served via the CDN
World Map tiles are now served via the CDN

Abuse Report Category Changes

The categories used to define Abuse Reports were recently revised in the official viewer.

The old (l) and new (r) AR categories
The old (l) and new (r) AR categories

This has led to some discussion on the forums and not a little speculation elsewhere as what it means for the AR system, with some people speculating that because some categories are no longer explicitly listed, there are therefore now “allowed”.

While views such as this might be debated until such time as the Lab issues commentary on the changes, the one thing that is clear at the moment is that they do put the AR floater somewhat out-of-synch with its official Knowledge Base article given the “Other” category has been removed. This has been noted and the Knowledge Base article is liable to be updated.

The changes also put some TPVs out-of-sequence with the revised categories until such time as they update. However, this hopefully will not negatively impact ARs filed via viewers using the older category options.

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4 thoughts on “SL project updates week 38/2: server, CDN, AR category changes

    1. So far as I can see, only out-of-date categorises have been removed (those referencing the teen grid, for example). The rest has been rationalised, and certainly the basic rules on what is and isn’t allowed haven’t changed; for example – the Community Standards on manners of disseminating conversations remain as theywere and the rules on harassment remain unchanged, etc So I seriously doubt this marks a change in position on the Lab’s part, although the loss of the “other” category is perhaps unfortunate.

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      1. I see. Personally, I wish the list covered all the abuse types documented in the ToS and the CS; the “other” category does help in cases where two or more violation types are combined in a certain action being reported.


  1. As long as i can fill abuse reports about spammers, griefers and those who post private im conversations without prior consent of both parties evolved, all the rest i will not care if they remove cause i don’t snitch for the morality of Western anglo saxon values!


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