SL11B Community Celebration: calling SL bloggers and press!

The days are counting down to the to opening of the SL11B Community Celebration, and the start of a week’s worth of festivities to mark the eleventh anniversary of Second Life throwing wide its doors to the world at large.

The sims have been laid out, and across all of them, people are busily putting together their exhibits. Across the rest of Second Life, entertainers are readying themselves to participate in a 24/7 round of entertainment which will run throughout the celebrations.

The SL11B CC Auditorium by Pygar Bu
A part of the SL11B CC Auditorium, designed by Pygar Bu

While the gates officially open to the public at noon, SLT on Sunday, June 22nd, bloggers and members of the SL press can get to see all of the builds across the 11 regions of the celebrations ahead of the rush.

The SL11B Community Celebration Press Day will be held on Saturday, June 21st. The regions will open at noon, and those attending are welcome to take snapshots, videos and blog about the regions, the exhibits and the attractions. Press packs will be provided to all those attending, containing lots of additional information, as well as goodies donated by exhibitors.

There will also be a series of press tours taking place during the day, all of which will commence at the Welcome Area and will be open to anyone attending the Press Day. Tours will start at 14:00, 16:00 and 18:00 SLT, and will visit all the main attractions.

Inside the rock stage, designed by Kazuhiro Aridian )
Inside the rock stage, designed by Kazuhiro Aridian

If you are a blogger or member of the SL press, and would like the opportunity to preview the SL11BCC regions, please complete and submit the follow below (posted on behalf of the SL11BCC team) before  noon SLT on Wednesday June 18th:


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