SL11B Community Celebration: exhibitors, get ready

On Thursday May 29th, the SL11B Community Celebration team announced that all exhibitor application notifications have been sent out.

If you applied for exhibition space at SL11BCC, but haven’t seen / believe you may not have received the e-mail, please:

  • Check the same account as the e-mail you provided in your application
  • Check your spam folder.

The e-mail will have come from “The SLB Team”, and should be easy to spot.

If you did not receive a positive notification, please note that your name has been added to a list. Should any parcels remain unclaimed after June 2nd, 2014, they will be offered to those on the list.

If you’re received a positive notification, please read the e-mail carefully, as it contains a lot of valuable information, which should answer most questions prior to the gates opening and exhibitors being allowed into the SL11BCC regions.

The DJ Stage being built by Kazuhiro Aridian (by Vivena Resident, via the SL11B website)

The regions will be opening to exhibitors at midday SLT on Friday May 30th.

Keep in mind that there is a set procedure for gaining access to your exhibit parcel, details of which are in your acceptance e-mail. However, key points to note are:

  • You should be a member of The SLB Community group.
  • After the regions have opened to exhibitors, send a request to the group asking for an Exhibitor Assistant (EA).
  • When an EA is available, they will IM you  – please be patient; this may take a little while, as EAs deal with the initial rush
  • As a part of your conversation with the EA, they will provide you with:
    • An invitation to join the SLB Exhibit and Performance group (so you will need two free groups slots – one for this and one for The SLB Community group, if you have not already joined that)
    • A teleport invitation to your parcel
  • Make the SLB Exhibit and Performance group your active group (this should be your active group throughout all your building on the parcel) and claim your parcel by rezzing a prim on it
  • Prior to building your exhibit, take a moment to re-acquaint yourself with the SLB Exhibitor Policies.

Given that there will be an inevitable rush to access the regions, why not leave it a while avoid the crowd? As long as you have claimed your parcel by Monday June 2nd, 2014, you’ll be fine.

Saffia Widdershins and Marianne McCann have produced a short video going over these points and a few more as well.

Once again, the important dates of note for SL11BCC are:

  • Friday, May 30th, noon: Sims open for builders
  • Wednesday, June 15th, noon: Sims close to builders
  • Saturday, June 21st, noon: Press day
  • Sunday, June 22nd, noon: SL11BCC opens!
  • Monday, June 23rd: Second Life’s Official 11th Birthday!
  • Sunday, June 29th: final day of celebrations
  • Monday, June 30th to Saturday, July 5th: Sims will remain open for viewing. No performances.
  • Sunday, July 6th to Tuesday, July 8th: Breakdown
  • Wednesday, July 9th: Sims go offline

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