SL projects updates 16/1: Server and misc news

Server Deployments – Week 16

  • Main (SLS) channel: no deployment.
  • BlueSteel and LeTigre RCs: no deployments and remain with AIS v3 enabled
  • Maganum RC: should receive a new server maintenance package on Wednesday April 16th. This comprises a crash mode fix, and a fix for BUG-5533 (“llTeleportAgent() and llTeleportAgentGlobalCoords() can break any script in any attached object that contains a change event.”).

SL Viewer

The SL Share 2 project viewer, which includes the new options to upload text and snaps to Twitter and snaps to Flickr, complete with post-processing filter capabilities, and with the updated Facebook snapshot upload tab (also with the filters), was updated on Tuesday April 15th to version

Other Items

AIS v3 Inventory Outfit Links Issue

For those who use the Outfits folder in inventory, a useful option is that of being able to create links to no Copy items, allowing them to be “shared” among multiple outfits. This capability was originally introduced in Viewer 2, and has been popular among a number of TPVs.

While testing the new AIS v3 code, Henri Beauchamp noticed that when creating a new link in  inventory in an AIS v3 region and when using an AISv3 compatible viewer, the AIS server reply is not properly parsed, resulting in a failure to sync the viewer-side inventory (and its cached list) with the server-side inventory.

He has filed a JIRA (SUN-129) relating to the issue, although it is not clear if the issue is unique to Cool VL viewer, which uses a different algorithm to create the COF links, or whether it may affect other viewers still using links.

MAINT-535 Viewer URI Name Space

Viewer URI Name Space is a means of specifying URIs in a format the SL viewer can understand and use. For example, “secondlife///app/teleport” can be used to display a teleport link in local chat, IM or from a browser such that when the link is clicked, the user is automatically teleported to the destination. For example: “secondlife:///app/teleport/ThisPlaceHere/71/6/22” would display a link “Teleport to ThisPlaceHere” in chat / IM which when clicked, would teleport the user directly the destination.

However, because the capability can include an innocuous label, rather than displaying the actual SLurl, there have been concerns that the capability could be abused. For example “[secondlife:///app/teleport/GoHereAndGetBanned/3/4/56 CLICK FOR FREE STUFF!]” would be displayed in chat or IM as “CLICK FOR FREE STUFF!”

Because of this risk, Linden lab updated things such that the use of Viewer URI Name Space causes the official viewer to display a warning:

SLurl warning

A couple of side effects of this are that all SLurls which use Viewer URI Name Space can be impacted, and other uses of the capability can also be affected as well, as is the case with BUG-5702.

To address the issue with teleports, the Lab has introduced Maint-535 (currently in the Maintenance RC viewer, version This works by opening a dialogue box which displays the actual destination, together with button for the user to either teleport or ignore the offer, as shown in the example below.

MAINT-535 causes teleport links which use Viewer URI Name Space to generate a dialogue box displaying the destination, regardless of any label used to disguise it (click for full size)

Do note that all of this is only relevant to SLurl which use Viewer URI Name Space, Slurl from the map, landmarks, etc., do not see any change in behaviour.

Some concern was raised at the Simulator User Group meeting on Tuesday April 15th that because the dialogue box is displayed for all teleport offers using Viewer URI Name Space, even those that display the destination (e.g. “Teleport to ThisPlaceHere”, and that it might cause annoyance among people as a result of the need to confirm a teleport.

MAINT-535 also doesn’t address issues such as BUG-5702, where the “untrusted browser” message continues to be displayed.

4 thoughts on “SL projects updates 16/1: Server and misc news

  1. I don’t use that feature (im old fashion prefer to have a well organized rlv folder,even with more then 20.000 folders inside as now), i never like the idea of duplicating and cluttering my inventory (when you create a link that s another item in your inventory) and i never liked that when you changed to a diff viewer it could mess all (it happen with some tpv’s, to change from one to another would mess the links).
    Still is a real useful feature for many so i do hope that they can sort out the issues and make sure it is not broken.
    And i for once, does not complain about not having for long grid roill outs, as far as i remember, never had so few issues on crossing sims since when Ebbe joined and the roll outs seem to have a halt! (And yes, we did suffer on Rod time, but if there is a reason why cross sims are better the ever, is to him that we own it as the same goes for the improved graphic quality of Second Life).


  2. After reading this article and also reading the Jira ticket the Henri created, i did some tests using the official Sunshine release candidate viewer and logged into a Magnum region. I set the “InventoryLinking” debug setting to true in order to be able to create links to items for the tests. I successfully created and pasted links to various clothing items, copy or no copy, inside of outfit folders, the current outfit folder, and elsewhere in inventory. I also attached and detached items via the links with everything appearing to function normally. I even relogged to see if all the links were there and ensure that everything still worked as expected and they did. I fail to see the problem Henri is talking about, unless I’m doing something “wrong”.


    1. It could be an issue specific to Cool VL. As noted in the article, Henri opted to use his own algorithm to create CoF links. Good to have the testing carried out, as it help confirm that the v3 viewer is unaffected (which Henri also notes in the JIRA).


      1. His wording is a bit tricky. In this part he makes it sound like the official Sunshine is unable to create links.

        “This is not seen in the current RC Sunshine viewer, because the latter uses the “slam” AIS command instead for syncing COF links and (apparently), it is not allowing any more to “paste as link” (this was an advanced option that did exist in older v2 viewers… Why did you remove (or hide ?) it ???).”


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