CtrlAltStudio Oculus Rift alpha: nips and tucks

CAS-logoFollowing-on from his work to add the ability to let users wearing the Oculus Rift headset to turn their avatar with a turn of their head when seated (see my update here), Dave Rowe (Strachan Ofarrell in SL) has added some more tweaks to the Alpha version of his viewer with the release of version

One of these updates is directly related to the Oculus Rift and another is for using stereoscopic glasses with the viewer. Both of these can be found under Preferences > Graphics > Display Output.

The two new additions to Preferences > Graphics > Display Output
The two new additions to Preferences > Graphics > Display Output

The first option, Set Output to 120Hz is the stereoscopic update. As the name implies, it sets  the display output to 120Hz, which is useful if you have shutter glasses and want to only display at 120Hz when you use the viewer.

The second option, Turn Speed, is a slider to control speed at which turning your head in Riftlook turns your avatar. Note that it will only work if Head Turns Avatar After is checked.

In addition to these updates, version addsvariable avatar walk / fly speed for SpaceNavigator proportional to pressure applied to knob (i.e., similar to SpaceNavigator flycam control), up to maximum of configured walk speed. Adjusted SpaceNavigator default values to suit. There’s also an update to the GPU table as well.

Details of the release can be found on the CtrlAltStudio blog.

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