Angel Manor: a fine venue for fine art

Angel Manor - a fitting venue for displays of fine art in SL
Angel Manor – a fitting venue for displays of fine art in SL

I last blogged about Angel Manor a year ago. Since then, Kaya Angel’s magnificent house and grounds have both undergone some transformation – so much so that I really should find the time for a camera-laden revisit. One part of the manor which only got passing mention last time around is the gallery there, and it is time to set that to rights.

Masako - Angel Manor Art Gallery
Masako – Angel Manor Art Gallery

Curated by Kylie Sabra, the Angel Manor gallery is one of SL’s foremost venues for fine art and special art events. The gallery covered several exhibition halls on the upper floors of the main house, which are put to good use hosting displays of a number of SL artists at any given time. It was here that I recently visited Ride the Universe, a magnificent exhibition of Gem Priez’s fractal art, which genuinely a must-see.

TwinkleStarlight, Angel Manor Art Gallery
TwinkleStarlight – Angel Manor Art Gallery

The gallery spaces are laid out to allow easy viewing, and each has an info board which displays an image of the artist on display, and can be used to obtain a bio on the artist and also, if written, by-lines  on the exhibit itself.  As well as Gem’s installation at the gallery, other artists featured during my tour include Masako, TwinkleStarlight and Angel  Kingmaker, as well as Kylie Sabra herself.

Angel Kingmaker - Angel Manor Art Gallery
Angel Kingmaker – Angel Manor Art Gallery

The beauty of Angel Manor is that not only does it offer exhibits covering a number of different SL artists at any one time, it presents them in a quite magnificent venue itself, one which allows you to combine your time viewing the exhibits with exploring a quite magnificent house and its gardens and grounds, making it the perfect destination for a “day out” in Second Life. And don’t forget the Angel Manor ballroom, the Angel Manor Rose Theatre and the Angel Manor Opera House for live events.

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