Discovering an island of muses in Second Life

Isle of Mousai, January 2014Isle of Mousai, Ancient Alexandria

Isle of Mousai. is a recently opened music venue in Second Life; however, anyone visiting it who has been to Hesperia of Templemore  (a place I’ve been to a number of times, but have yet to blog about) may well  get an odd feeling of déjà vu. There is a certain something about the one that does put you in mind of the other, albeit perhaps in something of a subtle way; the design of the some of the stage areas, the use of statues, the presence of balloons and dirigibles floating overhead.

Isle of Mousai, January 2014Isle of Mousai, Ancient Alexandria (Flickr)

There’s nothing sinister in these similarities; rather they are clues that both Hesperia of Templemore and Isle of Mousai are the work of Luis Lockjaw. However, this should not to be taken to means they are clones of one another; far from it. Mousai very much has a look and feel which is unique and very different to that of Templemore.  It’s not so urbanised in appearance, for one thing, and it has a broader spread of architectural styles, some of which give it a whimsical feel. And while the various styles are distinct, the overall design of the region, which includes the clever use of elevation by way of hills and small escarpments, allows them flow together via the footpaths, tracks and steps which connect them.

Isle of Mousai, January 2014Isle of Mousai, Ancient Alexandria (Flickr)

The primary aim of the region is to provide a venue – or venues – for live music and DJs; however, there is much here to attract the casual visitor, the explorer and those wishing to share a little space with friends. Take the little hilltop open-air theatre, for example, complete with a sheet hanging from a line as the screen; it offers a convivial spot to sit and chat with friends. Elsewhere there are little places to sit on your own or with a close friend, all of them charmingly presented to those wandering the paths and trails.

Colour plays an important role here as well, especially if you take the time to twiddle with your windlight defaults a little. If you do the results can be quite stunning whether you simply want to sit and enjoy them while exploring or if you’re into SL photography.

Isle of Mousai, January 2014Isle of Mousai, Ancient Alexandria (Flickr)

I will get around to blogging about Hesperia of Templemore; right now I’m waiting for the snow there to melt, as I’m pretty sure  that many of those on the North American continent have had more than their fill of wintry scenes already.  In the meantime, if you’ve not dropped into Isle of Mousai, do make a note in your diary to do so, it’s a visual treat!

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Isle of Mousai, January 2014Isle of Mousai, Ancient Alexandria (Flickr)


9 thoughts on “Discovering an island of muses in Second Life

    1. This one seems to be a response to demand. Hesperia of Templemore appears to have a very good selection of regular events which keep the venue alive and people visiting. Hopefully Isle of Mousai will manage the same. ‘Tis very pretty, though, as you say.


  1. In response to the first comment, I will go as far to say that Hesperia of Templemore has been around for quite some time. Considering it may not be the oldest venue found on the grid, but it does keep a steady flow of artists and patrons. Keeping all this in mind, Isle of Mousai is the sister-sim of Hesperia of Templemore. So I can assure you, this isn’t a “fluke”. Hope you guys visit again soon!!

    Best regards,


  2. Great blog and I can’t wait to see yours on Hesperia of Templemore. My opinion is Templemore is an amazing sim with such a magical feel to it. I think if people spend some time really exploring Templemore, they will find the hidden passages and the MANY stages hidden throughout the sim. Also, Templemore is a sim dedicated to live music. There’s no rental shops on the sim to help support the cost (as you all know, owning a sim is not cheap). I commend Luis, the Templemore family and the amazing artists, venue owners and supporters of live music that help keep Templemore afloat. As a musician, I have deep respect for Templemore and all the amazing live music venues out there. It’s time consuming and costly. 🙂 Isle of Mousai is the sister sim to Hesperia of Templemore and I have no doubt of it’s longevity. If it’s anything like it’s big sister, she’ll be here a while! 😉


    1. I love the hidden depths to Herperia – the passageways in the town, the underground stages, etc. As noted, the only reason I’m holding-off on blogging is that I’m waiting for the snow to melt so I can build on the snaps taken back in autumn 2013 🙂 .


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