Taking a break. Well, for a day

Home sweet home
Home sweet home – click to enlarge any image

I decided to take time off from blogging & exploring for a day and focus on things at my home on Blake Sea. Having seen a number of outstanding home and garden designs recently, I felt more could be done with my own place, so I took the day off for more involved blogging to see what I could do both within the constraints of the parcel size (2688 sq m), capacity (800 prims) and the requirements of the estate covenant (which limits things like terraforming, build types, etc).

Looking at the house from across the pond. Note the use of materials :)
Looking at the house from across the pond. Note the use of materials 🙂

The first thing I knew I needed to do was to re-work the house; when I moved in, the orientation of the build was such that the bedroom faced out over the sea, and the lounge sat towards the back of the land and faced into the parcel, something I’ve wanted to revise for a good while now, so the lounge would be more forward and facing the sea.

Once this was done, it was time to get to work on sorting out what else I wanted. This was actually a case of trial and error, as it turned out to be another of those situations where I hadn’t the foggiest notion of what I actually wanted; just a vague idea of paths, trees, flowers and water all somehow mixed together. Inspiration finally hit when I decided to take out the wooden dock I’d built for the Lady of Calas, my little E-Tech Sparrow cruiser. With that out of the way, I could re-work the house further and introduce a couple of stepped terraces down to the water’s edge, the lowermost of which could also form the quay for Lady of Calas?

Flowers :)
Flowers 🙂

It was a pretty simple idea, but one which let me get around the issue of terraforming, as it meant I could add walls and planters to the terraces, offering lots of opportunity to display flowers and add colour and have to worry about tweaking the land in order for things to look right. A shopping spree also saw me splurge a little as I picked-up some items from some of my favourite designers: Alex Bader, Cory Edo, Eko Zhong and Kayle Matzerath (I still love Kayle’s Luminaria build for Fantasy Fayre).

From across the bridge
From across the bridge

I don’t pretend the finished article matches up to anything like Crystal Oak Falls. I’m not even sure it is finished; I still have some capacity I might yet use; at the very least, there are some Koi Carp boxed somewhere in my inventory which may end-up in the pond, and I’m having further ideas about making the gardens somewhat more “formal”. But is it is, I’m pretty happy with what I’ve managed to achieve, hopefully without bending the estate rules *too* much in the process.  As it is, the house is now decently oriented, and I’ve given myself a little more organised space around the house through the use of the terraces, including finding a nice new home for my piano. I’ve also gained a new outdoor seating area out over the water on the far side of the parcel.

There are a few more things I might do over the next few days in order to refine things further, but for now, methinks it is time to get back to blogging!

By night
By night

4 thoughts on “Taking a break. Well, for a day

    1. The top two images were taken using Jackson Redstar’s “JAXMellowSunset”, with with my own time-of-day and sky / cloud tweaks. You can find Jackson’s windlights on his blog.

      The 3rd image was taken using Annan Adored’s Realistic Ambient setting, again with time of day and sky tweaked. This is available “as standard” in the likes of Firestorm, or you can download it and Annan’s other 2012 wirndlights. She has also recently provided her 2013 windlights.

      I’m not actually sure what the default was for the last image, I played with several and then started tinkering with sky and cloud cover. I *think* it may have started as “[EUPHORIA] that day”, but cannot be certain.


  1. i was used to that dock, lets see if tonight i can find it again!
    But it’s looking lovely and inside the covenant rules (which i do find make perfect sense in all, thats one of the advantages of covenant rules and i hope all would follow the guidelines even in mainland, meaning, land cant be closed, skyboxes can’t be lower then 450 m (for me would be at least 1000, no justification for not having them so high, now that we don’t need a flight assist to go as high!), building must be according to the landscape and theme, and more important, no sec orbs or if allowed, making sure they will not stop any of flying over or sailing around!
    Only thing it bothers me, is that we can not turn the regions private for the time we wish to have some privacy, which makes Blake Sea states lovely to sail,fly, cuddle but not for any natural but more adult interactions (Yes hooping in baseballs!).
    Of course LL made it possible in a way, allowing to ake sure that you can always turn the option to let other avatars see and listen from outiside the parcel, on!
    But the fact that we cant make them private, does not stop any to visit, when doinf so, and awkward behavior can occur then!
    Still i will not trade privacy for the freedom of travelling without fear of border lines, private parcels and so on, i do own a private full adult sim and a house in zindra;)


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