Oriental promise in Southern Marvel

I’ve received a number of suggestions for places to visit and blog about. Some have come from people who have enjoyed visiting the places they recommend, some have come as an invitation from the creators to pay a visit.

As I’ve mentioned before, all such requests / suggestions are always welcome. I can’t honestly say everything will end up being blogged about (I might fall under a bus before I get to a sim!), and I certainly can’t say how quickly I might get to a particular region, but I will take a look at all the suggestions that come in, and hopefully work my way through blog posts on them.


A couple of suggestions which came my way recently were as a result of people picking-up on my own love of the orient, as reflected in blog posts such those for the Moonlight Teahouse,  Taka no Sakura and Kusanagi. Coincidentally, while the suggestions came from different directions, they were both pointing to combat-themed regions. I wasn’t sure which one to visit first, so it came down to a coin toss.

Nagare is the home of the Blue Lotus Clan and occupies one-quarter of Southern Marvel. The work of Lila Aquacade and Ryansilver Philipp (Ryuan), it is a dojo for the Blue Lotus Clan who use the C:si combat system, and in addition to a combat and training centres, it’s a home, a garden and a meeting-place.


The main combat areas are up in the sky – a teleport system offers access to them – while the ground level has been beautifully and richly landscaped. Here you’ll find a temple, a training area, walks, a small beach for relaxation and even a seafront club house with modern DJ equipment and room to dance.

From the arrival point, you can cross a bridge over a stream to a  training area, or take a short walk to a walled house with its own local rainstorm in the garden. Inside, a warm cup of tea awaits, as does a game of Ban-soguroku (or Shuanglu, as the Chinese originally called it), a form of Backgammon.


A path leading away from the arrival point, following the stream as it tumbles down to the sea, leads you past a temple to the waterfront. Here sits an old oriental house-boat, which clearly isn’t going anywhere given the tree growing out of the middle of it, and a small restaurant facing the sea and offering a filling meal for those seeking sustenance after a morning’s training.

The beach is just across another bridge next to the restaurant. Here people can let their hair down, forget the disciplines of the day and relax around the open fire or listen to music in the beach house.


Nagare really is beautifully put together, and given the majority of the arena space is up in the sky (all the better to avoid the lag), there’s little chance of accidentally walking into a combat / training sessions and making a nuisance of yourself. For those who get particularly bitten by the oriental bug, the Tsunami Japanese/Chinese Creations store is right next door, where you can pick-up a few things to decorate your own land.

Nagare is well worth the visit, particularly if you have a katana and fancy a little combat as well as pleasing walk in inviting surroundings. In the meantime, and as it’s been a while, here’s another piece from The Piano Guys I’ve been listening to of late, and which fits the oriental theme, given the setting.

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