SL10BCC: My picks of the day – Saturday 22nd June

SL10BCC is well underway, with lots to see and do. Given the size of the event, trying to review everything on offer simply isn’t feasible, and some hardware issues at my end mean that I’m not in a position to do the kind of “region round-ups” I did last year.

So instead, I’m offering some personal picks from what’s on display by way of suggestions as possible stop-off points in your explorations.

Loki Eliot – Behemoth

Loki Eliot - Behemoth
Loki Eliot – Behemoth

Another exception to the “building up doesn’t mean building better” rule. Loki’s gargantuan creation is a masterpiece of mesh, storytelling and metaphor. Standing tall among the Wonderous exhibits, at first glance it might look like Godzilla about to tap the light fandango across Tokyo. Albeit admittedly a Godzilla carrying the oddest assortment of things on his back – pirate ship, broken aeroplane, quaint village, water wheel, and so on…

Of course the behemoth represents Second Life made pixel flesh, and the various items it carries stand as images of the many and varied uses to which Second Life is put by its users. There’s also the story which sits alongside the piece, as told by the folk living there (just grab a HUD at the entrance and let them tell you some of the tale) of how “the engineers” once started a project, which took on a life of its own, growing over time to become something huge, which some thought needed to be tamed and controlled, while others felt should be left free to grow in its own way…

Loki Eliot - Behemoth
Loki Eliot – Behemoth

However you look at this piece, it is brilliantly imaginative, and one of the real highlights of this year’s exhibits, one which is very much worth the time to climb and listen to (and don’t forget the little gifts along the way!).

At the base of the piece, you’ll find information on Loki’s SL projects, so if you’ve not come across him before, now is your chance to get acquainted with him. There are also a couple of storyboards demonstrating how the exhibit was developed, which provide insight into Loki’s creative processes.

You can also find out more about the piece via Draxtor Despres who, with Loki, has produced a wonderful video short which is itself deserving of attention, and which has a very subtle message of its own towards the end, which addresses those who tend to believe that the Lab is no longer paying attention to SL or working to enhance it still further…

Marianne McCann – Bay City

Bay City turned five years old in May 2013, so having a retrospective exhibit at SL10BCC is entirely appropriate, especially as it again presents a superb exhibition space (albeit one straddling two parcels) which demonstrates the value of a functional, clean build without the need for bling and flash.

Marianne McCann - Bay City
Marianne McCann – Bay City

Inside the main building is a complete history of Bay City, together with photos, maps and props, with key dates and events – happy and sad – duly noted and recorded. Outside is a rest area perfect for meeting friends, complete with a pool and a cute little tugboat rezzer for those wishing to play bumper-boats or have a little sailing session. The walls here are adorned with photos of some of Bay City’s notable residents, some of whom I’m fortunate to know as friends and acquaintances in SL.

Marianne McCann - Bay City
Marianne McCann – Bay City

If you are in any way interested in SL’s history, this is a very worthwhile stop-off in any travels you make around the SL10BCC regions.


3 thoughts on “SL10BCC: My picks of the day – Saturday 22nd June

  1. The Behemoth’s head is also just high enough that you can base-jump off the head, using Terra Cubey’s free e-chute. As long as you manage to stay in the parcel.


    1. Drat… now you have me wanting to try it out!

      Hmmm… that’s a trick we missed from SL10BCC. Having a parachute display team drop-in to somewhere like the A’stra live stage, all using parachutes bearing the SL10B logo …


      1. The last time I tried that, I ended up in the wrong region.

        I had a Cubey Terra ‘chute, with an 82nd vest,
        But griefers they had lagged the sim and scripting had gone west.
        The canopy it opened ’bout a hundred metres down,
        And I ain’t goin’ to jump no more!


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