E-scape with Whiskey

I’ve blogged previously about Whiskey Monday’s fabulous artistry, which has been (rightly) the focus of many SL-related blogs and which last year made the transition into real life as well.

Starting on Wednesday May 15th, a selection of her work, hand-picked by Whiskey, and entitled “E-scapes” will be on display at he the Kelly Yap Art Gallery in Healy.

Whiskey Monday at the Kelly Yap Art Gallery
Whiskey Monday at the Kelly Yap Art Gallery

This show will run through until the 15th July, and features a number of Whiskey’s landscape shots, captured in-world. All of them are intended to evoke a feeling of solitude, although Whiskey herself has resisted added any text (or subtext) to the images she’s chosen to display, preferring to let them speak directly to the heart of those looking on them.

If you’ve never seen Whiskey’s work first-hand, I urge you to go along and see the exhibition; I’ve little doubt you’ve find yourself drawn-in to her work and very probably leaving with a couple tucked under your arm (you can buy any of the pieces on display).


For those who are particularly drawn to her work and wish to enjoy it in real life, you can do so through Fine Art America, where a further range of Whiskey’s work is on offer.  And don’t forget her Flickr stream and blog (see the links below).

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