Start April with a one-day offer from the Firestorm team!

It’s the start of April, and for ONE DAY only, the Firestorm team have a very special offer for SL users.

Firestorm Mobile brings the power for Firestorm to any mobile device – even if it doesn’t have graphics!  So don’t delay find out more about this first-of-the-month offer for April in this official Firestorm video!

With thanks to Jessica 🙂

10 thoughts on “Start April with a one-day offer from the Firestorm team!

    1. I was hoping that would be realised from the Headline and body comment reference to April 1st …


      1. There were many clues, but what really gave the game away was the reference to nanobots in the video.


    1. I’m charging my old Ericsson w810i, just so I can get it and see how the graphics look on a non-graphical ‘phone! 🙂


  1. Good thing Jessica managed to post this announcement before YouTube was shut down 😉


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