Another PrimPossibility – a bathroom on a prim*

*Update 13th February: Ample has contacted me to inform me he has now released both a single-prim version of the bathroom (which includes the mirror, rug, drains, and toilet water) and a 3-prim version (which allows items to be re-positioned). Both of these feature updated animations and add tremenous flexibility to the bathroom suite. This review has been updated to reflect the new releases.

I’ve been following Ample Clarity’s development of his remarkable PrimPossible range for a good while now. Back in September 2012, I visited his updated showroom and took a peek at some upcoming products.

One of these latter items was Ample’s bathroom suite, which was formally launched in January 2013.

Originally a 2-prim set, the bathroom is now available in either a 1-prim or a 3-prim version (the latter allowing the furnishings to be individually placed). As with all of Ample’s work, the suite uses sculpted prims and packs in a heck of a lot.

The PrimPossible 2-prim bathroom suite
The PrimPossible 2-prim bathroom suite

The basic set comprises a prim which rezzes the loo, hand basin and bath, and a second which rezzes into a bath mat, plugs holes for the bath and basin and water for the loo basin. Touching any part of the suite brings up a menu which allows you to change the style of the between one of two options, change the colour scheme and shine applied to the furnishings, and rez other optional items, comprising a shower head (shown above), a hairbrush, toothbrush, loo roll (toilet paper), soap and, for the smokers out there, a cigarette. The toilet paper, toothbrush and hairbrush can be placed in world as required, or the toothbrush and hairbrush can be worn (no default animations with these, but see below).

The menu will also supply a set of instructions, and a special bonus gift of 1-prim curtains / drapes which can be used almost anywhere in a house and which open / close on touching.

The shower head, once rezzed can be placed over the bath and when touched, will deliver water.

The PrimPossible bathroom suite showing the alternate bath style, and alternative mirror style and with colour / shine applied to furnishings
The PrimPossible bathroom suite showing the alternate bath style, and alternative mirror style and with colour / shine applied to furnishings

Touching the mirror will similarly bring up a menu allowing the style of the mirror to be switched between one of five options.

Right-clicking the bath and selecting sit opens up a pose menu, offering a range of bath, shower, loo, hand basin and “misc” options – the latter including one for brushing your teeth when wearing the toothbrush, while one of the “misc” option will allow you to brush your hair using the supplied brush. Poses are divided between “singles”, “couples” and “XXX”, with some further split between male and female. The bath poses include options for relaxing and washing, and when in the tub, the water will appear.

This is another nice addition to the PrimPossible range which again brings Ample’s considerable skill to bear on providing feature-rich solutions with a low prim count / land impact. For those working on a prim budget, you really can’t do better than paying a visit to the PrimPossible store, either in-world or on the Marketplace.


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