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Update, February 19th, 2014: Linden Lab have discontinued Creatorverse. Therefore, links in this article have been removed.

Thursday November 1st, 2012 Linden Research Inc has officially announced the launch of Creatorverse for the Apple iPad. Announcing the launch, the Press Release reads in part:

Creatorverse is a two-dimensional shared creative space, a digital canvas on which you can build unique creations, set them in motion, and share them with the world to enjoy and remix. You become an inventor as you draw, stretch, shape, and color your creations, and then add joints, forces, motors, teleporters, and inputs that change how your inventions come to life on the screen. You can save your inventions locally or share them to the cloud for other users to enjoy and remix into their own unique creations. From the simplest bouncing ball to a car, a rocket, a pinball game or a beautiful piece of interactive art, the possibilities for creativity are endless with Creatorverse.

Sharing your creations – seen as one of the attentions for Creatorverse (image: Linden Research Inc.)

Interestingly, and prehaps learning from their experience with Patterns, Linden Lab have also launched a series of YouTube tutorial videos for Creatorverse in their own dedicated channel, some of which are also displayed on the Creatorverse website.

Given that Patterns did give some people initial issues with getting started, this may not be a bad idea, depending upon how complicated and capable the tools within Creatorverse are. As it stands, topics for the videos cover input to the screen, how to make various joints – distance, wheel, weld, etc., – howe to apply forces to objects, and so on; a total of 14 videos in total at the moment.

As Patterns users are being encouraged to upload videos of their activities within the Patterns universe, it’ll be interesting to see if / how users of Creatorverse may do likewise – and whether they will be encouraged to do so.

As with Patterns, the Creatorverse website is focused on community, with a community / forums area where topics can be raised, ideas exchanged, suggestions made and questions asked / answered. With Patterns, the forum area has been well received and quite well used; one assumes the same will happen with Creatorverse should it prove popular.

The ability to share creations is a major part of Creatorverse, and it is interesting to note that currently, there appears to be no dedicated area on the website for viewing other people’s creations. As the SHARE button is part and parcel of the Creatorverse application, one assumes that sharing and browsing creations must be handled purely from within the application itself. If so, it will again be interesting to see if a preview capability will be added to the website should there prove to be a demand for it.

Creatorverse is available at $4.99 in the Apple App Store. Unlike Patterns, this is a full release of the product, not an alpha or Genesis release, and so technically marks the first “full” release of a product by the company outside of Second Life – the Lab has stated that Patterns will not be released as a “full” version until late 2013.

Currently, Creatorverse runs only on the iPad, but it may well be made available on other platforms in the future – at least one recent interview with Linden Lab CEO Rod Humble has hinted at Creatorverse also being made available for the PC and Mac, and one assumes that if this is the case, an Android version may also be made available at some point.

Sadly, no reviews of Creatorverse are likely to appear on these pages, as I am not an Apple user.

Update: read one of the first reviews of Creatorverse from 148app.

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