A Nordic adventure

Having opted to get out on the water recently, and following Indigo Mertel’s suggestion that sailing is one of the best ways to explore SL, this week I set out to navigate the further reaches of Blake Sea and the surrounding regions. Along the way I discovered Second Norway, a group of around 17 regions which celebrate life in Norway, providing both a themed environment for people living there and a wide range of public spaces which can be enjoyed by residents and visitors alike, all of which can be explored by road, water and air.

While not attempting to be a representation of any single place in Norway, Second Norway does include several features from its real-life namesake, and offers up much which is representative of the Norwegian countryside and Norwegian heritage, all of which combine to make it a fascinating visit.

Arriving in Second Norway via Blake Sea

My first encounter with the SL / rl cross-over came on sailing into the main harbour area, which features a recreation of a row of multi-hued buildings on the waterfront in Bergen. This is forms one of the social hubs in the regions, hosting a range of events as well as being within easy reach of a number of nearby attractions.

One of these, on the hill overlooking the quayside and colourful shops, is a replica of the triple nave stave church at Borgund, which is believed to be one of the best-preserved examples of a stave church in Norway, having been originally built some time between 1180 and 1250. The church in Second Norway is the very first build undertaken by Ey Ren, one of the co-founders of the modern Second Norway community, and a leading figure therein along with Mialinn Telling.

The stave church in Second Norway

It is a fabulous build, and provides a wonderful focal-point for visits and for SL photographers, and appears to be used for special ceremonies such as weddings. The attention to detail, both outside and in is a delight, and I found myself drawn back to it several times during my visit. I love the alter, and the traditional bell structure located outside.

The stave church, Second Norway

A short walk from the church and bell, shaded by trees, is a memorial installed by residents of Second Norway to remember the 77 people who lost their lives in the terrible events of 22 July 2011, in both Oslo and on the island of Utøya. It is a simple affair, and all the more moving for being so, bearing an inscription of a quote from one of the survivors of that black day.

Just down the hill from the church is another point of historical interest – part of a traditional viking village, a virtual living museum, the long house of which is used to host both events and exhibitions.

The viking village in Second Norway

From here I opted to take to the road to continue my explorations. Second Norway includes a comprehensive road system which goes both overland and underwater, thanks to a tunnel system. A section of the roads is modelled on Norway’s Atlantic Sea Road, and is a great drive to take. I initially started out using my ubiquitous Neuspa, partially because I felt its amphibious capabilities would be useful if I happened to fall off the road into the neighbouring waterways, and partially because some of those involved in Second Norway are into biking, and I wanted to share something of their experience when out on the open road. I did, however, also take my Autoworks 43S GT for a spin (which did encounter a few issues with road section seams).

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9 thoughts on “A Nordic adventure

    1. I really enjoyed my explorations, and will most certainly be back there – especially as I’ve a lot more to see around Blake Sea (I’m getting royally bitten by the sailing bug!); would also like to try my hand at flying around there as well (Blake Sea and Second Norway). No, I didn’t know about the Christmas tree! I’ll drop Ey a line and see about covering the event this year :).


    1. It was your comment which inspired me :).

      TBH, during my first outing, I’d steered clear of the landmasses around Blake Sea and focused on the islands, etc. After reading your feedback, I became curious, and so returned to Half Hitch and set out to explore more properly :).


  1. Ah, I thought I saw you on my radar around Second Norway earlier in the week. I recently relocated there myself, nice parcel on the coast road in Norway Fjord. Beautiful region, good people to live around.


    1. Was there over several days :). Very tempting, location-wise! Hope you’ve settled-in well.


  2. Glad you are enjoying the beauty of Sailing and other activities that we can do ion Sl without need of teleporting;)
    That reminds me that i need to go fly over there again:), now that Niran released a new version of his viewer that allows even smoother cross sims!


  3. I recently moved to Second Norway in July 2012 and fell in love with the place the moment I saw it. I love the roadways and waterways and the fact that no security system is needed as people are polite and respect private homes.
    I also love the seasonal changes and right now it is deep snow 😉


    1. I came close to looking into getting a place there myself during the couple of weeks I was touring / sailing / flying in the area. I’m planning a return visit in the upcoming weeks to grab more snaps of the winter look (snow scenes in SL are every bit as romantic as RL, but without the cold toes / soggy socks which can also be a party to the experience), probably after I’ve completed my wanderings through the winter-themed regions at the Calas Galadhon park estate.


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