LL’s new CFO

Bob Komin’s departure from Linden Lab at the start of August was widely reported, With Tateru Nino first confirming he had in fact left after a couple of months of speculation he was set to depart.

Mr. Komin’s replacement as LL’s CFO is Malcolm Dunne, who joined the company in August, so this is something of a belated “welcome” to him :).

His official bio from the management  / board page of the new corporate website reads

Malcolm Dunne is the Chief Financial Officer of Linden Lab and is a chartered accountant with 15 years of experience in the interactive entertainment industry. Dunne joined Linden Lab from Trion Worlds Inc, where he was CFO and a board member. He was instrumental in growing the organization to 450 headcount, $100m+ revenues within a 12 month period and closing debt and equity funding exceeding $100 million during his 3 1/2 year tenure. Prior to Trion, he was Interim CFO at SCi plc (the former parent company of Eidos), where he was instrumental in raising £60 million to recapitalize the business. Malcolm has also held positions at Capcom and Electronic Arts.

Interestingly, Mr. Dunne’s LinkedIn profile notes a five-month stint at Clickatell between his time at Trion Worlds and joining LL. That Mr. Dunne also worked at EA Games might raise eyebrows among some, so it should be pointed out that there is no apparent direct EA link” between him and Rod Humble, as Mr. Dunne departed EA prior to Rod Humble’s arrival.

Welcome, Malcolm!


7 thoughts on “LL’s new CFO

  1. Welcome indeed! Something I noticed was the “$100m+ revenues” for Trion Worlds. I’m sure that journalists talking about Trion Worlds will classify them as a strong, healthy company. SL residents will probably say, “wow, cool, now that’s what it means to be a real company doing real business and having a bright future ahead of them!”

    Linden Lab has had $100m+ revenues for many many years now (allegedly half of that are profits!), but everybody things that LL is “doomed to fail”, “close to the brink of profitability”, “cannot sustain itself unless they go mainstream”, “failing to attract customers”, etc. etc. and all that sort of junk we’ve been reading in the media since at least 2005…

    Mr Dunne probably sees the move to LL as a “move up in his career”. SL bloggers will pity him for joining a “company doomed to fail with an ever-shrinking customer base and no clear roadmap for the future”, blah, blah.

    In the mean time, who’s still playing Cloud Party? 🙂


    1. You raise a valid point. Even at $75 million in cited revenues ( which has been the case for the last couple of years), LL has done very well for itself; something people seem to so easily ignore. It’s one of the reasons that – with some qualified caveats relating to the future – I actually see nothing wrong with SL remaining a niche product. It’s done very well for itself in that position for the last ten years, after all!

      As to the roadmap….I think I’ve finally wrestled the article I mentioned in my earlier reply to you down to a manageable length, so should have it out tomorrow.

      I think. :).


  2. Erm, he didn’t join them from Trion. He left there in April and between then and convincing LL to take him on he has had a brief employment at Clickatell – five months including gardening leave! It’s interesting that the LL PR machine is too stupid either to check that their own lies are not contradicted by LinkedIn – or maybe he “forgot” to tell LL about his recent failure (their CEO is South African too, so probably saw through the bs) and they didn’t do a comprehensive check on his references.

    Pep (thinks the LL HR and PR functions are demonstrably on a par with the Marketing Department!)

    PS Clickatell aren’t looking too bright either; he is still down as their CFO on their site – or maybe he hasn’t told them he’s got another job . . .


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