SL9B: Don’t forget the time capsule!

Today, the 23rd June, SL officially turns nine – nine years of open, public access!

A tradition at all SL Birthday celebrations is that of the time capsule, and this year is no exception. The time capsule contains items donated by SL residents, which are placed on display at future SLB celebrations.

SL9B Time Capsule

Like every year, we have created a time capsule for you to add a memento of your time so far in SL – and there is still time for you to drop an item into it if you haven’t already. To do so:

  • Make sure your item is either FULL PERM (preferred) or at least COPY / TRANSFER (NO MOD items can be accepted, but may cause problems when being placed in future displays)
  • Make sure permissions are set not only for the item itself, but for any items (scripts, etc.) that it contains – one script not properly set can turn your item in a NO COPY / NO TRANSFER device that will be rejected when the content is reviewed after the event
  • Don’t donate a HUGE item – remember, it may well be displayed in the future!
  • Visit our SL9B time capsule and right-click on it to EDIT it, open the CONTENTS tab and drag your item from your inventory and drop it into the capsule’s contents (CTRL-D may be required to drag the item into the capsule’s contents)
  • If you get a “No Entry” sign, check the permissions on the item and its contents.

Time is running out – so make your donation soon!