Viewer release summary 2012: week 23

This is a weekly summary of changes to all SL Viewers / clients of which I’m aware and which are in popular use across the grid / listed in the TPVD. Detailed links to said Viewers / clients can be found in my Viewer Round-up Page. The links supplied in this summary are either to change logs or to reviews within this blog.

An interesting week which saw the Libretto text client updated for the first time in a year with the roll-out of version 0.17. Dolphin issued a new version, but graphics issues have meant that downloads have been rolled back to last week’s release until fixed. LL’s Pathfinding Project Viewer received an update as the roll-out of pathfinding draws closer, while Lumiya joined the “usual suspects” with a further weekly release, this one incorporating inventory controls.

Updates for week ending: 10 June, 2012

  • SL Viewer updates:
    • Beta version:, June 4th (release notes)
    • Development: rolled to, June 9th
    • Pathfinding:, June 6th
  • Dolphin Viewer rolled to version – June 14th (release notes)
    • 3.3.9 graphics issue fixed.
  • Exodus has introduced nightly builds ahead of the next release
  • Niran’s Viewer rolled to 1.41 on the 11th June (release notes)
  • Zen Viewer released version June 10th (release notes)
  • Cool VL Viewer rolled to on June 9th, (change log)
  • Lumiya rolled out version 2.0.4 on June 10th (release notes)
  • Libretto rolled to version 0.17 on June 10th (release notes)

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