Microsoft Skydrive: Viewer crashes

Update: Latif Khalifa reports encountering the problem on Singularity, so the issue is likely to affect V1-style Viewers as well, and provides a potential workaround for those encountering the issue (see comments, below).

There have been a number of reports of mysterious Viewer crashes of late, specifically in relation to file operations (saving a texture or snapshot to disk, attempting to upload, setting your cache location, etc.).

The problem appears to be manifesting itself in V3-based Viewers, and the culprit appears to be Microsoft Skydrive.

A JIRA has been raised on the issue in general (VWR-28843), with reports that uninstalling Microsoft Skydrive eliminates the issue. This is obvious not the best solution for the situation, but those experiencing the issue may wish to check the JIRA and consider WATCHing it.

With thanks to Innula Zenovka. 

9 thoughts on “Microsoft Skydrive: Viewer crashes

    1. I confess, I didn’t make the connection; but the irony of Dr. Butts did sort-of interrupt the flow.


  1. Yeah, I had the same issue. In Singularity too. I was tweaking some Skydrive shell extension registry entries and managed to fix it lol. Just forgot what I deleted from there 😉


      1. Seems to be related with opening common dialogs after skydrive is installed. On windows without regular UI. This is most probably Skydrive bug. I could try lookup the registry changes I made. 25GB free online storage was too enticing to lose 🙂


  2. Ok, this is a solution that I found (as I had a hunch that those green overlay icons shell extension in Skydrive are causing problems).

    Tested on Windows 7 – 64 Bit, after Skydrive was installed

    1) Start regedit (start -> run -> type “regedit” -> hit enter)
    2) Navigate to:
    3) In the left panel you should see 3 SkyDrive keys (1, 2 and 3) as shown here
    4) Delete all 3 of them
    5) Reboot
    6) Enjoy both Skydrive and Second Life working at the same time


    1. Sadly, I don’t have Skydrive installed on my Windows7 – 32 bit, and I’m still getting the problem.

      When I follow your route, when I get to the Microsoft folder, it’s empty – presumably because Skydrive is not installed.


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