Marketplace update April 26th

With trying to cover / enjoy Fantasy Faire last week, I missed the following when it came out.

On Friday 26th April, Commerce Team Linden (CTL) provided an update on attempts to sort out the ongoing issues with the Marketplace. The update reads in full:

[UPDATE: April 26, 2012] We are continuing to work on outstanding Marketplace issues. 

The most significant issue that has been addressed over the past week was slowness on the Marketplace website, which occurred intermittently between April 18 and April 21. Page loads should be much faster now. 

Here is the status on additional JIRAs:

  • (WEB-4587/WEB-4601) Search results, best-selling lists and related items showing up on other merchants items or images. Current status: other merchants’ listings should not be appearing in store search results, best-selling lists, related items, etc. Other merchants’ images may still appear on your listings, but this is less likely to occur as we work on a solution.
  • (WEB-4676) ANS for SLM does not populate the Location field with internal ID. Current status: this is in progress and will be deployed soon. 
  • (WEB-4696) Deleted listings appearing in search results for consumers and in Merchant Admin. Current status: we are working on resolving this issue.
  • (WEB-4441) Orders stuck in Being Delivered. Current status:  the orders stuck here due to unicode problems was addressed, and we continue to investigate remaining orders stuck in this state.
  • (WEB-4567) Bulk delete failing. Current status: the work-around on this is to delete each item. We continue to work on resolving this. 
  • (WEB-4574) Direct Delivery products are re-delivered to purchaser instead of recipient. Current status: we are working on resolving this.

We continue to work on the other Marketplace JIRAs and will provide additional updates as soon as possible.

My apologies for not catching this at the time of publication.

One thought on “Marketplace update April 26th

  1. Re: Bulk delete issue: When DD first arrived I had issues bulk deleting, so I manually (on the XSL website) deleted my boxes, and then deleted them in world (since everything was directed at DD now) & let that page refresh to show that, then went back to the Merchant Page & was able to delete them then. It was a lot of work to get so little, but I didn’t feel like individually deleting, and I doubt most merchants do. Your mileage may vary.


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