Firestorm shifts gear

firestorm-logoI reported on the last Phoenix Hour update recently, in which Jessica made it clear that where new releases of Firestorm are concerned, the team is pretty much waiting on Linden Lab and fixes to the OpenGL issues (for which the team are also providing assistance).

At the time of that broadcast, LL were saying that it could be another couple of weeks before suitable fixes are in place and ready to roll. However, since that time, progress has been made, although there still issues to be resolved. Among these is an issue with Mac systems using nVidia, which can experience black screens when running SL.

While there is still no date for merging the revised code into the main Viewer code, the progress, together with the fact that it has been a little quiet over on the Phoenix blog has prompted Jessica to drop a line or two on what is going on.

In the post, Jessica discusses the OpenGL issue, before going on to state:

“As of yesterday Firestorm development shifted into release mode. This means we are now focused on fixing the significant remaining bugs, polishing up any unfinished features that have been in progress and we’ve started an intense QA program. If all goes well, the next release of Firestorm will be the big one!”

Of course, such an admission is bound to bring cries of when, as Jessica acknowledges. However, she will only say:

“Unfortunately it seems every time we announce a date.. something goes wrong to jinx it, so I won’t go down that path, but I will say.. VERY SOON!”

This is pretty positive news, as the release promises to be pretty amazing, featuring, among a long list of things:

  • Spell checker
  • AO updates
  • Inventory “jump” fix and improved inventory load times
  • Mouselook zoom
  • Notecard text search
  • Chat bar auto-hide
  • More V1-style functionality in the Phoenix mode
  • Radar-in-a-floater
  • Right-click -> reload texture
  • Mesh uploads!

Commenting on the promised mesh-rendering version of Phoenix, Jessica indicated this will be following a couple of weeks behind the Firestorm release.

I’ll be aiming to bring a review of the release as soon as possible after it hits the download page!

One thought on “Firestorm shifts gear

  1. “More V1-style functionality” – I hope that means that they’re actually going to give some V1-look and functionality, and not just create floaters/move-able buttons, then wash their hands of the v1 issue like LL is trying to do with their latest mistake known as V3.2(?) beta.

    The v1 UI-style is important, and overall v1 feels more functional, but I’m one of the majority counting on TPV makers to do things right. It should look closer to V1 UI than v2, that’s for sure.


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