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Since the launch of the social web Profiles by Linden Lab, one of the most requested features users have asked to see is the inclusion of a Twitter-like FOLLOW capability. At SLCC 2011 Viale Linden hinted that the function might be coming along.

And he wasn’t wrong.

Linden Lab have now launched the ability for people to “follow” others through the web profiles.

To use it, simply go to my.secondlife.com/first.last (where first.last is obviously your own avatar name) and log-in. Then select the profile of the person you wish to follow in the browser url bar (again “my.secondlife.com/first.last” – where first.last is their avatar name). This will display that person’s web profile, thus:

Note the FOLLOW button

Clicking the FOLLOW button will allow you to receive that person’s messages on your Feed page, allowing for any privacy options set – see below.

For those who use the web profiles Feed, this is a powerful new option, potentially delivering notifications of events, activities, and so on from others who pro-actively use web profiles and the Feed option directly to a single point they can review either in-world (if their Viewer supports web profiles) or on a single web page.

For merchants and entertainers, it presents another means of getting word out about events and goings-on by encouraging people to use their own feeds and then using the FOLLOW option.

There are a couple of points to note:

  • If the person has their Feed privacy set to FRIENDS/NOBODY, you will not receive any Feed messages from them regardless as to whether you follow them (unless they accept you as a Friend where FRIENDS is concerned)
  • The same applies to your own Feed – if you set your Feed privacy to FRIENDS/NOBODY, people will be restricted in their ability to receive your feed messages.

The system may yet be refined further; I’ve already suggested to Linden Lab it might be an idea to add something along the lines of a “Friends and Followers” privacy option. As it stands, it is a useful addition to web profiles, and one that is sure to be welcomed.

5 thoughts on “Web profiles gain a FOLLOW button

  1. How can i disable this unwanted option ” FOLLOW ” please ? I don’t need any followers anywhere ..pls help ..Thank you .


    1. As explained at the end of the article, go to your Web Profile. Click on SETTINGS on the right. Then click on PRIVACY at the top. This will display your privacy settings. The first item is FEED. Set this to FRIENDS or NOBODY.


  2. I have a Follower now who is a complete stranger to me. I have set privacy to friends only, but i still don’t want this stranger on my Followers list. WHY is there no option to accept someone as a follower if they are not already a friend? Why is there no option to remove someone as a follower?


    1. I’m not entirely sure how you’re noting people who are following you or not, but…

      The Follow option was intended to enable people let others see their posts without having to friend them – so that merchants, etc., can seen out notifications on new releases, promotions, etc., *without* having to Friend absolutely everyone in-world, or relying just on Group notices – so the system is intended to allow *anyone* to follow you.

      However – you can limit who sees your actual Feeds posts; so if you have it set to Friends / Nobody, it doesn’t matter who is following you, they won’t see your Feed posts.


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