Radegast: 3D Rendering progresses

The 3D rendering capability I reported on a week ago in Radegast continues to develop.

The rendering window itself has been improved, with the debug panel now OFF by default, giving it a much cleaner appearance. Avatar movement, via the cursor keys (or the movement buttons on the main Radegast window) is smoother, although still not as refined as the Viewer. Right-clicking on scripted-items in the render window now also calls-up any associated menu, or allows you to take direct actions such as sit, take, etc.

Clicking a menu-driven item in the render window displays the associated menu in the main Radegast window

The most eye-catching addition that may be coming, however, is the ability for water reflections to be rendered, as shown in the video below from the Radegast team.

Now, I have to confess, I’ve downloaded the most recent nightly build, and couldn’t get the water reflections to work. This might be simply because the code to do so isn’t as yet in the latest build – I have no idea; but that doesn’t make the video above any less impressive.

There are a few issues around camera movement that could be refined or improved: holding CTRL and moving the mouse to the right – and seeing the camera move to the LEFT relative to its on-screen position, for example, can be a little confusing. But again, this rendering option is still experimental, so there is every chance that if things like this can be refined, they probably will be.

Overall, it’s fascinating to watch these developments within Radegast, and kudos to the team for the progress made so far.

2 thoughts on “Radegast: 3D Rendering progresses

  1. I’m still not happy with the water rendering so it’s disabled in the code. It’s very costly at the moment, looking into ways to enable it without bringing performance down that much.

    You can dock the Scene Viewer with the rest of Radegast by right-clicking on the window and choosing dock. Might be more convenient to use is it that mode if you were operating menu driven devices etc.


    1. Latif. Thanks for the feedback – what you’ve achieved so far is impressive. Mae Culpa for not mentioning the merge / dock capability of the rendering window.


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