Local payments update

Frank Ambrose – FJ Linden – is an unsung hero of Linden Lab and Second Life. Since he’s been a part of Linden Lab, he has worked hard to communicate openly and directly with users in a manner that really cannot be faulted – and which should be taken as the standard be which others in the Lab should communicate.

Changes in the way non-US users can make payments has been the source of much controversy of late. Overseas Paypal payments were no longer acceptable, and the new local currency system has been less than confidence-inspiring.

These issues have lead to concerns among users as to what happens if payments fail – as has been the case – and Frank’s latest post on the subject is clear and concise on matters, and provides precisely the required level of reassurance on matters that is needed.

It’s also good to see that it actually shows up on the Featured News list on the Dashboard for once. Is this a sign that that particular problem is being fixed?