Yes… my regulars will be noticing a change in looks here. I’ve been a little concerned with the old white-on-black since WordPress opted to tweak things a few months ago and impact the default font on that particular theme.

My decision to change was driven in the end by a simple request from Peter Stindberg, who has been a valued reader and supporter of this blog – so here we go with a new look I hope everyone will like in terms of presentation and readablity.

Also, and while I don’t want my various blogs to become confused, black-on-white is the preferences for my other SL-related ramblings, so this new look more readily fits my “corporate” standard ;-).

There may be a few format and font issues scattered among past posts: WordPress doesn’t seem to be exacting in applying new styles. If I spot any I’ll fix them – but in the meantime, welcome one and all to the new look.

5 thoughts on “Restyled

    1. Peter, many thanks. I’d found the option – I must simply have blanked it on going through admin options while setting-up the blog before; silly me.

      My other SL blogs are listed in the Quick Word, but are really niche subjects :).


  1. I hate it!!! Much preferred the other. But not enough that I can’t continue to enjoy your excellent blog and given that I have no issue with reading either and some have I think it is awesome that you have listened to your readers!!



    1. Hi, Drift!

      I guess it goes to show that you can’t always please all of your audience – but thank you for sticking with me through the change.

      Truth be told, a cardinal rule of printing is to try to avoid small, light text on a dark background – although I would have gone for more of a compromise design-wise had I found a theme I could appreciate style-wise and which includes the options I like.

      As it stands, I think the benefits of the new style outweigh its overall blandness in terms of presentation, and I’ll stick with it until something comes along that catches my eye and which is both readable and stylistically interesting :-).


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