I couldn’t help it; I cringed.

I’m sorry.

Maybe I’m suffering from a sense of humour failure – but who on Earth came up with the Welcome Video on DiscoveryIsland? I mean, trying to riff on a 30-year-old TV series remembered largely for being the bastion of trite, formulaic television, replete with more re-use of stock footage in a single episode than most TV shows managed in an entire series.

Riffing on Fantasy Island, for crying out loud to promote Second Life as a “hip” place?

While I was too young to watch it when first aired, I do remember it being on-air in re-runs on Saturday afternoons, wherein it was generally received with derisory humour  – before the channel was changed…..

I’m not sure exactly what demographic LL are trying to appeal to. Silver surfers with a taste for “fine corinthan leather” and bad 80’s television, perhaps?

All together now, “The pain, boss! The painnnnnnn!”