Accessing Aditi

Aditi is the Second Life Beta or Preview grid. It is used for a wide variety of testing, including new viewer code, new SL capabilities, new LSL functions, and so on. Aditi is open to all SL users who wish to access it for testing proposes or to join-in with public testing of specific projects.

All SL avatar accounts have a duplicate account on Aditi. Note this is not the same account as you use to log-in to the main grid (Agni), but a duplicate (you can in fact be logged-in to both grids at the same time). This means that your account on Aditi has a separate inventory, for example, which, if you haven’t logged-in to Aditi for a while (or at all) can appear very different to your inventory on Agni. However, it is possible to update your inventory on Aditi to match your “main” inventory quite easily. This is useful if you are engaged in testing which requires you to be able to access your current inventory.

To update your Aditi account to reflect your Agni account:

  • Go to your account dashboard at and click on ACCOUNT to open the Account menu, then click on CHANGE PASSWORD to open the Change Password Window.

  • Follow the on-screen prompts to change your password, making sure you click SAVE CHANGES when done
  • Wait at least 24 hours before trying to log-in to Aditi and access your inventory (it will take at least 24 hours for your inventory to update) – you can still log-in to Agni without issue
  • After 24 hours, log-in to Aditi and confirm your inventory has updated

If, for any reason, your inventory has not updated, repeat the above steps, starting with another password change.

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